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Interested to become a solution provider for floor safety projects?

MaxxGrib Floor Safety is looking for enthusiastic and entrepreneurial distributors / solution providers for various cities, regions, and countries in Europe. MaxxGrib Floor Safety offers anti-skid products and services that are developed with safety and best floor care in mind, interesting for many companies in a wide range of industries. Since we are a young company, we host a boost of opportunities. Why wait your turn?

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Why Become MaxxGrib’s Solution Provider?

You’ve all seen on television programs and YouTube video clips that thrive on it, it seems that human slip ups are a great source of amusement to many. As long as the poor individual comes out unscathed, it is fair to say that we are all guilty about having the laughs at others expense. But, there is a serious side to slipping that simply isn’t funny and shouldn’t be ignored.

Slip-related accidents, whether in the workplace, at home or in other public areas, combined. with tripping are linked to some rather startling statistics. These type of accidents remains the most common cause of major injury in all European countries according to HSE statistics.

Both slipping and tripping can also lead to more serious injuries, especially if machinery, hot or hazardous liquids or sharp objects are close by.

Slips frequently lead to fractured bones (especially dangerous elderly persons with low bone density). So irrespective of age, a slip or fall can be very serious.

In the UK an estimated 1.3 million working days have been lost as a result of slips, trips and falls (940,000 days approx. of which are down to slip-related accidents alone) according to the Labour Force Survey (2015). In the Netherlands costs for hospitalization due to slip & fall accidents are over € 1 billion in 2016.  

There has never been a better time to invest in a safety business than right now, especially with the aging population and liability concerns.

The need for safety is top of mind these days across Europe in all major businesses. Together, let’s make safety a No. 1 priority, Do not let Safety Slip away!

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What is the difference between MaxxGrib opportunity vs. other Business opportunities to become a service provider?

If you are considering an at home franchise, you owe it to yourself to consider MaxxGrib. We offer packages that are reasonable priced. Training is available at our location in the Netherlands. We help you in getting your business underway in the shortest possible time.

MaxxGrib continually receives reviews from end customers that are impressive and exciting. Our products are revolutionary and definitively have the WOW factor. MaxxGrib stops accidents before they happen! We are accepting all business opportunities from all over Europe, Russia and Turkey. We welcome any interested party. 

Find out why franchise seekers across Europe are making the switch to MaxxGrib. Give us a call or fill out the online form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Frequently asked questions

Are the products safe?

While MaxxGrib’s products may cause minor to none residual injury on exposure, providers still must adhere to the respective specific precautions and safety guidelines for each product. Most of the products have little to no fumes and are safe to wash down any drain. We provide up-to-date TDS & SDS documents that details this information.

What is the expected duration of slip resistance after a surface has been treated?

A treatment with MaxxGrib’s products will last between 5 to 10 years depending on the product and environment. Solution Providers will include a two-year written warranty with any application.

What is the shelf life of MaxxGrib’s products?

If sealed and properly stored, most products can last over 5 years!

Do you offer a solution for wood, vinyl, VCT, metal, painted surfaces, sealed surfaces or linoleum floors?
Yes. MaxxGrib’s Flexible Grib, Industrial Grib or Extreme Grib products are very effective on these surfaces. Contact us for specific product information.

Operational Questions

Are there possible legal implications to selling a solution to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents?
It is important to communicate to your customers that you are selling products to help increase traction (Anti-Slip). By increasing a surface's coefficient of friction (COF), the likelihood of a fall is reduced. MaxxGrib and its Solution Providers should never promise to eliminate slip-and-fall accidents. If this is accurately communicated verbally and in writing, then legal implications are avoided.

How long will it take to get started?
Most of the Solution Providers start approaching the market within a few days after scheduled training. Some have sold jobs in the first week! We can ship all product and equipment within days after signing up and can often perform training immediately.

Can I purchase a protected territory?
Yes. This is available for an additional fee and additional product purchase requirements. Please contact us to find out more information.

Technical questions

Do I need a Slip Meter?
Yes, we require that all Solution Providers complete a COF test summary national industry standards. We will train you on how to operate this equipment to ensure your customers flooring surfaces meet the European recommendations.

Can training be held at my location or via Skype?

Yes! We can do Skype or live training at your location (for an additional fee).
Call us to discuss the details regarding your schedule so we can accommodate your setup.


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